You say you are the largest event hair and makeup stylers in the tri-state area. What does that mean exactly?
Our company completes approximately 400+ events each year. This breaks down to about 4000 individual hair and makeup styles! We pride ourselves on being some of the most experienced artists in the region.

Have you ever cancelled on an event?
No, Never! We have 14+ years as a business in the industry, sadly we get calls each week of other hair and makeup artists cancelling on their clients. While we aren’t saying there aren’t other great artists out there, we will say this; do your research. When you find an artist that is great at hair and makeup, make sure they are just as awesome in the business world.

How early should I book?
It’s never too early to get on our schedule. We tend to book approximately 9 months out, but we always have early birds that sometimes book as early as 18 months ahead of time. On the flipside of that, we also have clients whose other hair and makeup plans have fallen through, are planning a “last minute” event, or maybe the day just snuck up on them. In any case, please reach out to us for availability and we will do our best to accommodate you.

What time should I schedule?
This all depends on your individual event, along with our availability. Are you planning on taking photos prior to the event? Do you need travel time to get to your venue? If you are a bride, are you planning a first look? These are all questions we can walk you through over the phone to help find the best time slot for you.

Where should we get ready?
The answer to this question is ultimately up to you. However, we will almost always recommend your home or your ceremony site over anything else. Your home is comfortable and always has a great kitchen for us to spread out and have access to electric.

The ceremony site is great in case of rain or other bad weather. If this is a church even better! They always have wonderfully large tables and rooms. Venues tend to also have bridal suites set up for hair and makeup as well.

Where would we least recommend? A hotel room. The lighting tends to be dim and there are typically not many table tops, chairs, or electrical outlets. There are a couple of exceptions to this rule in Fort Wayne. These are the conference room at the Courtyard Marriott downtown and room 918 at the Hilton.  Plus, the Indianapolis room at the new Bradley hotel.

What is the difference between Traditional & Airbrush makeup?
Traditional makeup is a full coverage.  It is going to hide or camouflage most imperfections.  It also has a matte finish, so if shine is a concern, this is a great option.

Airbrush is a sheer coverage.  We compare it to a frosted glass window, it's going to hide small imperfections and just blur larger ones.  It also has a dewier finish, so it gives a nice glow and will get glowier throughout the day.

Both options photography almost identically and both will wear wonderfully throughout the day.  We can work out what option will be the best for you during a trial.  Plus, your makeup artist will provide a mini skin evaluation on each member of your party on wedding day to help determine what will be the best option for each individual.

Do I really need a trial?
9 times out of 10 the answer is yes. A trial really takes the guesswork out of your look. The artists will be able to make changes and tweaks, plus you will have the opportunity to try a couple of different hairstyles as well. A trial is the ultimate peace of mind to ensure a smooth and stress free event day.

How should I best prepare for my trial?
Do your research. Bring photos of looks that you like. Even bring photos of looks that you don’t like. This will help the artists connect with you and best create a look for the vibe of your event, along with your personal style. Also, mentally prepare yourself. You are going to look different. Our looks are geared towards creating the perfect photo and the perfect you in that photo. Even if you are going for a natural look, the final result is going to be much different than how you look every day. That’s why you hired us, right?

Does my party really need professional hair and makeup?
Does a leopard have spots? 😉 Let’s do a breakdown. You are paying X amount of dollars for your photographer. On top of that, you are typically paying X amount for photos, albums, etc. You have paid X for your gown, shoes, veil, accessories, and/or wardrobe (if you are not a bride). You have paid to get your nails professionally done. You have paid for beautiful bouquets for everyone. You have also spent numerous dollars on dinner to feed everyone, alcohol to get the party started, and décor to make things fancy. If you are willing to spend thousands on making sure your guests are feeling their best, why would you not spend just a little on making yourself not only look, but feel your best as well? You are the most important guest after all!

On top of all of this, you want to appear your best self in your photos. Makeup for photography purposes is so much different than regular everyday or beauty makeup. We can guarantee that all of your best features will be highlighted and that your hair and makeup will stay put all day; even in 100 degree weather (just ask some of our favorite photographers)!

All you have left is a 6am time slot. Now what?
As crazy as it may sound, most of our weekends start around this time. This typically happens for one of two reasons. First, being that this may be our last time available for the whole day. We don’t advertise that we are the largest event stylers for nothing!

Secondly, our clients may not realize how early they actually need to be head to toe ready in order to make their chain of events on time. If you have an early wedding ceremony (usually before 2:30pm) and you have a large bridal party, be prepared to wake up early to get the day started. You will want to be ready a minimum 3 hours prior to the ceremony start time in most cases.

We still personally guarantee all of our work to last and look great all day, even with an early start time. You have hired us because you have heard through the grapevine that we are the best. Let us show you!

Are tips included in the cost?
While tips are not included in the upfront cost, they are never expected! Please only tip us if you feel that we went above and beyond to make you not only look, but also feel your best.

Someone else is charging significantly less that your company. Why is this?
Not all hair and makeup products are created equal, just like all hair and makeup artists are not created equal. We strive to use the best of the best when it comes to products.

Our hair products are all humidity resistant, so your hair can be prepared for anything Indiana decides to do that day. Our hair products are also 100% vegan, gluten-free, and organic. This means we can create a healthy environment that is toxin free.

Our makeup is all formulated for photography purposes. This means zero camera feedback (when a person looks grainy, ashy, or discolored in photos). Also, all of our makeup is either water resistant or completely waterproof, along with tear proof and sweat proof. This means all day+ wearability and zero worry from you!

When it comes to our artists, we are all about education. We are proud to say that we have some of the most experienced staff when it comes to special occasion styles and makeup in the region! Our staff continually participates in continuing education classes to always be in the know about the latest and greatest techniques, trends, and stay put tips.

Lastly, none of our artists are freelancers and our staff has all of the correct licensing and training. Everyone views this as a career and works each and every day to provide the best possible services and experience to each and every client!

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