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tip two

Skincare is a Must!

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Good makeup happens overnight, but great makeup happens with some prep.

Starting a professional skincare routine a minimum of 90 days prior to wedding day will ensure a smoother & longer wearing makeup application.

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This ensures that there are no surprises on wedding day by giving you the opportunity to meet your artists, try multiple hairstyles & looks, and have ample time for any prep that might be needed before the big day.

Trials are scheduled Mon-Thurs based on the Artists regular working hours.  Trials are at the Artists weekday rates.


tip three

Clean, dry hair!

On wedding day, please come prepped with clean, 100% dry hair.  Blowdried is best, unless you are a curly girl and typically air dry.

Dirty hair does not hold a professional style best and may compromise the end result.

Damp hair cannot be heat styled and will not hold.


tip four

Stick to the Timeline

We schedule a start AND an end time to guarantee that things run on time for you, as well as all of our brides that share your wedding date.

Please ensure that ALL members of your party are ready to go at the start time of your appointment window, not just arriving at the location.

We have a tried & true TRS system & process in the order that we style each member of your party. Please don't create your own timeline! Our's will be smoother & more stress free; we promise!


tip five

Have a designated space

We're used to working in all spaces, but we're also here to give you our best advice to a stress free morning.  So, here goes!

No coffee tables, tiny hotel rooms, bathrooms (no matter how big!), or crowded areas.

Kitchens or areas with large tables work best. We also need access to at least 1-2 outlets.


tip six

Become a Regular Salon Guest

Our happiest brides tend to be our regular salon guests. We have the opportunity to truly get to know you and your preferences.

Plus, we can make sure your hair, skin, lashes, & everything else is prepped for the exact wedding day look you have chosen (not all color, cuts, & treatments will give you your best wedding day look!)

And who doesn't want their beauty bestie styling them for wedding day?!


tip seven

Don't listen to Aunt Gina!

Or your sister's friend that used to do hair, or anyone else that isn't actually providing your hair & makeup services for your wedding day.

Bridal Hair & Makeup is our specialty! It's what our company was founded on and what we continue to do each and everyday.

You hired us because you wanted the experts. Trust our process.  We want this to be your best day as much as you do.


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