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Meet Autumn

Esthetician & Junior Makeup Artist

Hello, there! I'm Autumn. As someone who enjoys a challenge, I thrive on successfully creating your vision within skin care and special event makeup. Whether we're together in the treatment room or you're attending an event with hundreds of people, I'd love you to feel confident in your own skin.  

As someone who has struggled with hormonal acne, I know how unpredictable your skin can be and how much pressure there is to want to look perfect, as a woman. It's so easy to get lost in the social media expectations in today's society and struggle to understand what is realistic for the modern, everyday woman. We've all had those breakdowns in the mirror before.  I'm here to help you discover what products are safe and effective to use and show you how we can achieve a polished look, without having to edit your photos, before your special day.

Makeup has been my artistic outlet for as long as I can remember, it is how I personally express myself.  I have perfected how to achieve tasteful and unique bridal looks, tailored to you. I received my Esthetician license in 2023 because the way we nourish our skin is more important than covering up our imperfections. Creating a beautiful base before wedding day can be crucial to how your makeup lays and lasts.

I work well under pressure and know wedding day can be fast paced and emotions can run high. I am here to take that weight off your shoulders when you sit in my chair. I take pride in being efficient and timely without sacrificing your desires in modeling a timeless look on your wedding day. My second superpower happens in the treatment room using all natural holistic products you won't be afraid to use on the skin. My favorite part of every facial is the massage. I have practiced my movements time after time and have always been confident in using pressure to relax your mind and body while stimulating your skin to get the best results.  

My world may revolve around pampering the skin, but outside of the salon I am constantly creating in so many other ways. I love to sketch portraits and experiment with new paint styles. I also have a passion for SFX makeup, a hobby I gained through being a horror movie buff.  

When I'm not creating, I am usually enjoying a cocktail out with friends or snuggling up at home with the dogs watching a movie or listening to murder podcasts.

Book with me to experience fun and creative luxury together as we achieve flawless looking skin and glamorous looks that will have you feeling the best version of yourself! 


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