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Meet tori

Junior Hair artist

Welcome you beautiful human! My name is Tori, and I've always strived to make others feel more confident in themselves through words of affirmation and acts of service. 

Supporting positive mental health is something I have worked to prioritize since high school.  Growing up being a person with a naturally low metabolism, tall stature, and an abundance of skin issues, I've dealt with judgement from others and from myself.  I never want that to be the case in my chair.  I want every guest's experience to be positive and uplifting, with them walking out the door feeling like a better person physically and emotionally. 

In the three years I've been helping others look and feel their best selves as a hairdresser, I've encountered an array of diverse situations where bold transformations and thriving hair health wouldn't necessarily go hand-in-hand.  Through thorough conversation and setting up realistic expectations, I have helped people of varying identities feel happier than they would have ever expected because of the importance I enforce on keeping your hair healthy and mind at ease. 

When I'm not helping others, I'm taking a warm bath with my favorite book, binge-worthy show, or listening to soothing music.  I also enjoy hanging out at local restaurants and bars with friends and I play slow pitch softball during the summer and fall to support a positive mindset. 

Everyone deserves to make mental health a top priority; no matter race, gender, or sexual orientation.  Always know, as my guest, I'm a safe space.  We can converse about difficult thoughts, feelings, or situations and you'll be promised secrecy.  I'll always lend an open ear and advise if warranted.  I'll even give you a silent appointment if that is what's preferred.  However you are happy, I can't wait to give you a positive experience! 


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