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Meet Sierra


Hello! My name is Sierra. I am an esthetician, lash artist, and makeup artist here at The Red Stiletto. I graduated esthetician school in April of 2023 and joined the team not long after. I was born and raised here in Fort Wayne Indiana, so this will always be home no matter where life takes me. 

As someone who has struggled and still sometimes struggles with acne I understand the impact it can have on one’s self esteem. I went from being someone with “perfect skin” (with the occasional breakout) to all of the sudden dealing with full blown acne, and it really took a toll on me. With the help of dermatologists and gaining the knowledge of proper skincare I was able to finally get my acne under control and keep it that way.  I didn’t always know what it was that I wanted to pursue in life so I took a year off after I graduated high school to really focus on finding my passion. The way I came to the conclusion of being an esthetician was through my own struggle. 

As someone who is very into natural holistic alternatives, it pleases me to say that I transform the skin using an organic, all natural brand called Eminence. It means so much to me when I can help someone with their personal skincare concerns without the use of chemicals that disrupt our bodies. There’s no better feeling than knowing I was able to help someone feel beautiful in their skin with and without makeup. Enhancing your natural beauty is what I’m here to do. 

When I’m not at the salon I’m probably at home cuddled up with my two dogs, playing with my many ferrets, spending quality time with my loved ones, or in the kitchen cooking or baking. During the summer months, I spend some time raising monarch butterflies and enjoy the beauty in releasing them. No matter what I’m doing I’m more than likely listening to music while doing it. 

I love providing transformations to the wonderful women of this city and enjoy the great conversations that come along with it. I hope to see you soon!


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